The Casino of Campione on the verge of bankruptcy

The Campione Casino is expected to close its doors soon for financial reasons. According to the newspaper II Giorno, the 13-storey establishment would no longer be able to pay its employees, and even the electricity bill.

A situation that has become dramatic

Located near Lake Lugano, the gaming house has not been solvent for some time. Among the existing infrastructures in the town, the casino remains the only company that can improve the local economy. Indeed, it represents the only budgetary kingbet888 e wallet resource and employer of places with at least 600 employees by attracting many players from all over the world. So 600 jobs would be threatened if those in charge do not find a solution quickly.

After a long investigation which lasted a few months, the Italian justice has just requested the bankruptcy of the Campione casino. According to the Swiss publication RTS, the group will have the obligation to pay a substantial sum of more than 700,000 euros every ten days in order to redress the bar. In addition, the casino’s debt amounts to around 25 million euros, an amount difficult to meet in such a short time. The mayor of the municipality, Roberto Salmoiraghi, speaks of a dramatic situation which would have started since the last quarter of 2017. He adds that the establishment has difficulty in making payments. However, he claims that the court decision contains imprecise data calling for questioning. You should know that 600 jobs are on the way to disappear. And even, employees have not received their salary for two months. In order to find a rescue plan, Salmoraghi confirms that there is a way out that could certainly save the casino from disaster.

For the moment, the Campione casino will have the obligation to put in place effective measures until February 12 since the court will take its decision on March 12. If no action is taken, bankruptcy will be declared.

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