No more slot machines in the smoking rooms of the Roscoff casino

It is confirmed, the Roscoff casino will no longer be entitled to slot machines in its smoking rooms. Indeed, the administrative court of appeal of Nantes has ruled. She decided to sign the ban on installing slot machines in rooms reserved for smokers. Not surprisingly, the establishment will have to suffer the consequences of this signature.

The prohibition decision confirmed by the administrative court

The Roscoff casino was the loser of the affair where it fought to keep the slot machines in the smoking rooms. Indeed, the administrative court of appeal of Nantes supported the decisions of the courts of Rennes and Caen. They are not the only ones, because the public rapporteur had already issued the same opinion. A judgment was thus rendered on January 30, putting into effect the ban on slot machines in smoking areas. Several casinos are also concerned, other than that of Roscoff. There is also that of Deauville, Villiers-sur-Mer, Saint-Luc-sur-Mer, Trouville and Ouistreham.

The establishments lost to the Ministry of the Interior even though they had jointly fought for the non-application of this decision. They strongly contested this position of the ministry. This authority has already previously prohibited the installation of these machines in smoking rooms. This decision is fatal, because the Ministry of Health had already been in favor of casinos. The latter who have already embarked on the development of the rooms will therefore have to remove the machines.

Reason for non-compliance with the public health code

The appeal judges argued for their decision by stressing that these smoking areas do not provide any guarantee on compliance with the public health code. The same is true of the regulations concerning games in gaming establishments. The court recalled that the condition of opening its smoking rooms was to respect that there is no service offered and no maintenance task carried out without air renewal. This had to be done in an empty space for a minimum of one hour. The judges concluded that for the presence of the machines obliged to put there a supervisor like a cashier.

However, the operators’ lawyers responded by saying that they had already set up a video surveillance system so that employees do not have to come to the smoking rooms. Through one of their lawyers, they point out that the establishments

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